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Download WinMerge free

Download WinMerge free
WinMerge is a program that compares text between two different files, and determines the differences between them. It is useful for comparing different versions of a document and identifying its difference.

While WinMerge can be used to compare any type of document, it is mainly oriented to files with code of some programming language . It recognizes the syntax of several languages ​​and highlights in different colors reserved words, functions, loops and other operators. It has several editing tools, also with line numbering, word-wrap, etc.

When comparing two codes, it highlights with color the lines that are of a file that are not in the other, and vice versa. By pressing a key you can see exactly the text that differs between both lines. It is possible to join or mix parts of both codes, something that can be very useful to apply to files with Java code or other languages ​​that are edited by more than one person. The application is able to solve by itself the conflicts that may have been generated, just as SVN type tools do.

In the latest edition of this software has been added support for comparing folders, so it is possible to compare folders with similar contents, for example backup, to see files that differ between one and another. In turn, it is possible to select the date of the files as a comparison criterion, to determine which versions are the newest.

The user has the option to filter the text to be compared, to exclude words or phrases. Filtering supports regular expressions, both for comparing files and for reviewing folder contents.

WinMerge 2.14.0 is the latest version (updated in February 2013) of this program, which is in Spanish and is free.

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