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Download WAMP Server Download WAMP Server

Download WAMP Server
WAMP Server is a program that allows to mount a local web server (on home PC) in Windows with Apache, using PHP as a programming language and MySQL as a database manager. This application package is ideal for web developers and developers who want to test their PHP pages before publishing them to a remote server.

WAMP includes, in addition to the latest versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL, previous versions of them, in case you want to test in a particular development environment. It also includes a web application called PHPmyadmin that allows you to create and manage MySQL databases, and another application called SQLitemanager that has the same purpose as the previous one.

WampServer takes care of the installation of all the components, without the user having to configure almost nothing.

The application can be executed from an icon located in the taskbar, being possible to start or stop each of the services at any time from the same interface, for example, to restart Apache. From this panel you can consult the logs (details of errors and other useful information) generated by each of the components, which helps to verify the correct behavior of PHP functions or SQL queries made to the databases. data.

WAMP Server 2.5 is the latest version (updated in May 2014) of this software to mount a web server. You can download it for free.

In this version it is updated to Apache 2.4.9, PHP 5.5.12, Mysql 5.6.17, PhpMyadmin 4.1.14, SQLBuddy 1.3.3, XDebug 2.2.5 and webGrind 1.0.

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