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Download VirtualDub 1.10.4

Download VirtualDub 1.10.4

VirtualDub is a program used to capture videos, and to edit them, since it has several options to transform and improve the quality of the captured video.

Here are some of the editing functions offered by this application:

  • The possibility of trimming a video, removing parts that do not interest as advertising for example, or in the case of a movie remove the part of the credits so that it can be reduced in size and able to record when there is not enough size. It does not require re-understanding.
  • The possibility of compressing the video looking for other codecs in case you want to modify its size.
  • With the "Audio Skew Correction" tool it is possible to correct audio / video mismatches.
  • It allows to add fixed logos to the video; Useful for webmasters who want to add the name of their site to an exclusive video.
  • You can add audio to the video or modify the one you have, supporting several audio formats.
  • It allows you to capture several images and make a video from them, useful for presentations or photo albums.
  • Various filters can be applied to optimize video quality.
  • It allows to open, create and save AVI2 (compatible with OpenDML), which allows to play AVI movies of more than 2GB.

These are added many more possibilities, making this a powerful software to capture and rip videos.

VirtualDub is compatible with most popular video formats: divx, avi, mpeg and several more.

VirtualDub 1.10.4 is the last stable version, released in October 2013. It has been evaluated over a long period and finally it is published with several corrections and with new tools.

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