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Download USB Flash Security 4.1.6

Download USB Flash Security 4.1.6
USB Flash Security is a program that allows to protect a pendrive (USB memory) by means of password, so that the files and stored data can not be accessed.

The application creates two partitions, one with the password-protected zone, and another with free access, and the size of each partition must be defined. If preferred, the total available space can be protected.

It is common to use a pendrive as data backup, or to store documents or personal data. What better to protect that data, given that these small devices can be lost or can be stolen and accessed by third parties.

The operation is very easy: the first time the program is run the size of the protected space is defined and the password is entered. Subsequently, each time it is used, the program is opened, the password is written, and if it is correct, the protected partition is displayed in order to access it.

Some memories like Kingston already come with an application similar to this one, but in case of not having it, it is a useful security application.

Flash Security 4.1.6 is the last version, updated in September 2012, of this software of protection for pendrives, that works for Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32 and 64 bit) and that can be downloaded for free (for personal use) And for memories up to 4GB (for more than 4GB a license must be purchased).

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