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Download TrueCrypt

Download TrueCrypt
TrueCrypt is a program whose function is to encrypt files in order to protect them, so that they can not be opened by third parties. It can be very useful for saving important documents or spreadsheets, files with passwords, bank data or other confidential data. Also personal videos or photos.

TrueCrypt allows you to encrypt partitions whole, removable disks, and flash drives (USB flash drives). In turn, it also allows you to create virtual disks within some partition, which are recognized as a more disk drive. An advanced option gives the possibility of even protecting and hiding a separate operating system inside another partition.

Each time a file is copied to a space created with this application, it is automatically encrypted, without any need to specify anything. To access the protected area is necessary to enter a password previously defined, otherwise it will be impossible to decrypt its contents.

The use of the method explained to protect folders and files ensures privacy and inaccessibility of these, but with the obvious disadvantage that access to data is going to be a little slower than if common files were opened. To optimize this aspect in large files, such as videos, TrueCrypt uses a batch decryption method, so that they can be opened and viewed while processing the following parts.

The application uses sophisticated encryption algorithms, such as Serpent, AES or Twofish, among others; Individually or in combination, which is a guarantee that they will not be able to break even by brute force methods.

To create a new drive or to encrypt a partition, click on" Create Volume" to be able to continue, through a wizard. After creating the volume you must select the encryption algorithm, the encryption hash, the size, and enter the password. It is advisable to read the documentation available on the application or on the official site (in English) about the operation of this program, mainly everything related to " assemble units " and disassemble them. You can also use the following video tutorial (in Spanish).

TrueCrypt 7.2 has versions for Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS X, and Linux. The software is portable so it can be carried on a USB stick and protect data right there. During the installation you have the option to determine the language, and in case of selecting "Spanish" you proceed to download a file with the translations. It is noteworthy that it is completely free.

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