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Download Tibia 9.80 free RPG game

Download Tibia 9.80 free RPG game
Tibia is a multiplayer role-playing game that can be played online. It has become popular over the years, and is today one of the most prominent games within the category known as MMORPG (acronym in English corresponding to the description: "Massively Multiplayer Online Video Game")

The player is introduced to an island called "Rookgaard", and will be able to pass through levels, until at level 8 he will be able to choose between four characters: The Knight, The Paladin, The Druid, And The Sorcerer (Sorcerer)

To gain experience points, and thus increase level, you must kill creatures. The required experience points will vary depending on the level. The world of Tibia is separated into two continents and many islands. For more information you can consult the Wikipedia.

Free communities and servers are available with a variety of maps and scenarios, so it is possible to constantly experience new challenges.

The graphic design of the game is very attractive, and also stands out for having a great sound quality.

The latest version is 9.80, updated in December 2012, being available totally free. Among the improvements you can highlight new elements added to the game, such as: new monsters, items, spells, cities and more.

On the registration page of the official site you must create an account to play. In the site of Tibia can be followed statistics of the game, to know more about the rules and of the novelties that are added in the updates; And you can also access the virtual store, where you can access to buy items and other elements that favor the gameplay of this popular role-playing game.

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