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Download Stepmania 5.0

Download Stepmania 5.0
StepMania is a program for dancing fun, similar to the video game Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), the famous dance simulator.

The game consists of simulating the dance steps that are shown in a video, achieving a better score that has greater reflexes, speed and better follow the pace and steps marked in the video. It has several levels according to the experience, age and skill of the player.

The ideal is to have a device called "dance pad" (a kind of carpet) that connects to the PC, to dance on top of it, but in case it is not available it is possible to play using the keyboard.

On the official site you can download free songs to add to the game.

Stepmania files have .smzip extension and can be opened by any application that works as a decompressor (you must rename your extension to .zip ). In the folder where this program has been installed (by default "Program Files" -> StepMania), the files must be copied into the Songs folder (conveniently within a subfolder that identifies the song), but in turn Can create sub-folders with the aim of establishing a better organization, for example, taking the musical genre as criteria. Each package must contain the following file types: .dwi , .mp3, and .sm.

Stepmania 5.0 (beta 3) is the latest version of this multiplatform simulator (Linux, Windows or Mac OS X), which can be downloaded for free . This new version 2014 presents several improvements and corrections made in the successive beta versions that have been published in the last months.

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