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Download StaxRip to rip DVD

Download StaxRip to rip DVD
StaxRip is a program that lets you rip DVDs for video format MPG or DivX. From a DVD movie you can get a movie in a format that takes up less space, for the purpose of passing it to the PC or burning it to a common CD.

StaxRip supports several video formats, such as DivX, XviD, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and x264, and various audio formats like MP3, AC3, AAC, WAVm DTS and several more. Among the supported codecs are DivX, XviD, x264 and H.264, so it is possible to rip from DVD to XviD / H264 using this software.

After the appearance of high definition video formats, such as MKV, StaxRip has adapted and supports the ripping from MKV to AVI or XVID, in such a way that the films take up a smaller space and can be reproduced In the XBOX or some other type of console.

To convert the DVD, the procedure is very simple: The original file is selected, and the output format is chosen, ie the one to be converted to the original file. There are extra parameters to configure, in case more advanced users want to modify the default output generated by the tool.

With this application you can generate a video maintaining an acceptable quality, and in a lower space. It can also be used to convert videos to MPEG-4 format that can be viewed on mobile devices.

StaxRip beta is the latest version (updated July 2013) of this ripping software that can be downloaded for free. The file to download is compressed in 7z format, for which you can use this program to decompress 7z .

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