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Download Splitcam 5.4.6 free

Download Splitcam 5.4.6 free
SplitCam is a program that allows you to use a webcam in several applications simultaneously, simultaneously. It supports Windows Live Messenger, Skype, ICQ, Gtalk and other messaging or voice chat applications. In addition to webcams, it supports any video input, such as: VHS, TV tuners, among other devices. It is possible to connect up to 64 clients from a single video source.

Splitcam lets you add graphic effects, text and background images during video calls, delivering fun sharing results while chatting with friends. It has a gallery with objects to add, where you can find hats, masks, glasses and other elements. Sessions can be recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Another interesting utility that has this program is the possibility of transmitting videos using the webcam of the messaging programs already mentioned, for example, to pass a movie and that the contacts can visualize it as if it were a live webcam session. It is possible to use SplitCam to broadcast live through streaming services such as Justin TV, Ustream and others.

Splitcam 5.4.6 is the latest version, updated in August 2012, which is available for download and use for free in Windows.

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