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Download SpeedFan 4.49 free

Download SpeedFan 4.49 free
SpeedFan is a program that helps to keep the system in good condition, since it indicates some very useful values, which correction will enable better performance, lower fan noise, and the possibility of saving devices such as hard disks.

SpanFeed indicates the processor temperature, fan speed, temperature of the hard disk, the CPU load, and so on. It is important to know the temperature that reaches the CPU when the PC is required, for example when playing, to be able to regulate and normalize it thanks to the action of this tool.

A fundamental thing that can be achieved is to regulate the speed of the fan (or fans) by a calculation depending on the temperature and other factors. In this way, it is possible to achieve a decrease in the annoying noise caused by the fan, as well as to decrease the consumption and lower the temperature.

SpeedFan 4.49 is the latest version (updated in March 2013) of this software, which is available for Windows, being totally free.

This new version adds support for Intel 7 Series SMBus, NCT6779D, ATK0110 and several others. In addition, a new tool was added: Advanced Fan Control, which includes a graphical interface for its configuration. It also adds support for Windows 8 and for Windows Server 2012.

By default it is in English, but it is possible to change it to Spanish from the menu (Readings -> Configure -> Options -> Language selection).


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