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Download SPAMfighter free

Download SPAMfighter free
SPAMfighter is a program that allows you to filter SPAM that reaches any mailbox that is accessed through any of the following client software: Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook (up to 2010 version), Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird.

The incoming emails are analyzed, and according to the background and sometimes it has already been marked as SPAM by other users who also use SPAMfighter, is that the tool will send it or not to a SPAM folder. An email that the program does not detect as SPAM can be marked, or on the contrary, if an address marked as SPAM is considered not to be, it will be unmarked.

The application also protects possible phishing attempts or other fraudulent actions that try to deceive the user by submitting a false e-mail to be passed, for example, by banking institutions, in order to steal the password.

Filters can be applied to send mail to the SPAM folder if, for example, they come from a particular domain or are written in a particular language, or contain certain keywords. This can be useful when receiving publicity for certain unwanted products, such as remedies.

SPAMfighter Standard 7.6.50 is the latest version, updated in June 2013, which can be downloaded free for use in private homes and schools. The program posts advertising, and when an email is sent the following message is added at the end of the text: "I am protected by SPAMfighter".

It is available in Spanish.

Operating system: Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. 
Executable Size: 2.5 MB.

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