Thursday, 25 May 2017

Download Some PDF to Word Converter free

Download Some PDF to Word Converter free
Some PDF to Word Converter is a program that converts files in PDF format to files in Microsoft Office Word ( DOC ) format.

There are several applications that perform the reverse process (from DOC to PDF), but this tool allows us to do something unusual and that is used to open and edit any PDF document using Word, or failing a similar application as can be The OpenOffice text editor or some other application that supports RTF.

It can be used in several ways: working in the program interface itself, installing it as a plugin in both the Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader, or by right-clicking the file directly in a Windows Explorer window.

The results of the conversion are better and more faithful the simpler the PDF documents, but it has the ability to convert both texts and images, preserving tables and layouts. Then, once obtained the file .DOC will be able to edit, delete images and make the necessary adjustments and changes.

This useful tool allows you to apply batch conversions, of several documents at the same time, something that can facilitate the process when you have several documents or separate chapters.

Some PDF to Word Converter 2.0 is the latest version of this software that you can download free to use in Windows. It is a lightweight application of only 685 kb.


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