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Download Soluto
Soluto is a program that helps optimize and accelerate Windows startup, analyzing and diagnosing applications and processes that run when you start the operating system, indicating how long it takes each load, and suggesting optimizations that help achieve A faster boot.

In PCs not very powerful it is usually frustrating the time that one has to wait for it to load Windows and the different applications; There are programs like anti-virus that usually take a considerable time, but obviously it is not possible to pause or delay its start, but there are other applications not so important, which can be dispensed with.

After running Soluto, you can get a report detailing the consumption of each application and its impact on the total initial load time of Windows; with the possibility of eliminating processes that are not considered necessary or delay its onset, giving priority to other processes. Graphically the applications are clearly shown, classified in 3 categories: Those that must be eliminated, those that can be eliminated and those that can not be eliminated.

The novelty of Soluto is that it is based on statistics (PC Genome) based on the actions taken by other users when making decisions regarding different applications.

This application offers the possibility of sending data and statistics of each PC to a user account that can be accessed via the web, with the advantage of knowing remotely the state of a network of computers that do not have physical access, But with the novelty that it can be remotely accessed through integrated VPN-type software to Soluto. To use this service it is necessary to register before downloading the application, being a free service to manage up to 3 PCs, having to acquire a license when a larger network is available.

Soluto 1.3.1328 is the latest version (updated in September 2012), available for Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP). It is not available for the moment in English (English only), and you can download free.

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