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Download SlimComputer

Download SlimComputer
SlimComputer is a program used to uninstall toolbars that are added to browsers, usually when installing software that includes them in your installation. Many toolbars often overlap, making the browser run slower, or causing inconveniences due to incompatibility between them, as well as taking up unnecessary screen space.

Some toolbars may have favorable purposes and be beneficial to users, while others may hide malicious programs or spies . SlimComputer is in charge of sorting them, which helps to make the decision when determining which ones to remove (although you can choose to remove all).

In addition to toolbars, SlimComputer lists other types of programs installed on the PC, as well as unnecessary services, which are not used and occupy RAM. When acquiring a PC or notebook, they often include anti-virus trials or applications that later expire and it no longer makes sense to keep them installed by taking up resources. Also available for these cases is a rating (priority scale) associated with those applications, to decide which ones to uninstall. The rating is based on colors, ranging from red (unwanted), to yellow (optional) to green (good).

The procedure is simple and consists of marking the elements to be analyzed: Applications, Toolbars, Startup Items (programs and services that run when Windows starts) and Shortcuts (Shortcuts on the Desktop). Then click the " Run Scan " button to begin the analysis of the selected items.

SlimComputer includes other tools (to repair the registry, to defragment, etc.) to perform optimization tasks, but we recommend leaving that task to the excellent Ccleaner program.

SlimComputer 1.3.24430.5535 is the latest version, updated in August 2012, available for Windows and you can free download.

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