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Download SketchUp 8 free

Download SketchUp 8 free
SketchUp is a program that allows you to design and build powerful 3D and 2D models, simply and quickly.

Tools and possibilities offered by this software are many and can draw from a shoebox to more complex models as a building, through expansion of houses, planes of houses in 2D, furniture, and more. In this version is improved the tool to build models from real buildings, called " Building Modeler 3D".

SketchUp can be associated with Google Earth so you can place the models using real coordinates and share them through the Google 3D Warehouse. It is also integrated with Google Maps to facilitate the geolocation of the models.

SketchUp allows to save the created models in images of different formats: JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG. Now you can also import and export models in DWG / DXF 2012 format.

In this version 8, the Layout drawing system has been improved . It has also improved its Match Photo tool . It also highlights the new Ruby API, which allows you to customize the different tools and add new ones to the application, intended for programmers with Ruby knowledge.

SketchUp 8 (8.0.16846) is the latest update, released in December 2012, of this modeling and CAD program that can be downloaded for free , although there is the paid version Pro which is even more complete. It is announced that this product will no longer be supported by Google, and that Trimble will be in charge of continuing to develop this project.

It works under one of the following operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OS X (10.5 or higher), and is available in Spanish.

It is available to both novice and advanced users, a series of videos tutorials explaining how to create models with Sketchup. There is also a set of plugins that add functionality to this great design tool.

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