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Download Shot Online 2015

Download Shot Online 2015
Shot Online is a RPG-D that simulates a golf course and everything related to that sport. You can play online between several participants.

Shot Online simulates in real way the impacts and effects that influence the trajectory, such as the type and state of the terrain, the wind, the force on the impact, the type of club, the technique of the golfer, etc.

The quality of the graphics is excellent, with 3D views from different angles so that you can know in detail the path between the player's position and the destination hole.

Shot Online respects exactly the rules of the PGA, therefore besides a fun, this program can be useful to learn the rules, type of score and other concepts of golf.

There is an international community of Shot Online players who organize tournaments, in which you can participate by registering on the official website.

Shot Online 2015 is the latest version, updated in October 2014, of this online game for golf lovers that you can download free of charge. It is available in Spanish and can be installed in Windows 7, Vista or XP.

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