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Download SharePod

Download SharePod
Sharepod is a program that lets you synchronize music between an iPod and PC. It is a good alternative to iTunes, since it does not need to be installed on the PC, but runs from the iPod (also from the iPhone or iPad). This can be useful in cases where iTunes does not recognize the iPod.

Sharepod allows you to organize music and create playlists directly on iPod, without having to copy the files to the PC, since it can be managed from there.

In addition to organizing music allows you to copy or delete any file on the iPod, such as videos or photos. It also allows exporting playlists to iTunes, editing MP3 tags, and much more.

This new version adds support for iTunes 11 but can still be used with version 10. It also adds support for iPhone and iPad up to the iOS7 version of your operating system.

If you need more complete software that is not only used to transfer music, but also to transfer videos, to synchronize contacts, calendars, text messages and other data, the developer of SharePod offers the iExplorer program.

SharePod 4 is the latest version, updated in May 2013, of this free downloadable software for use with all editions of Windows (including Windows 8).

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