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Download Shape Collage free

Download Shape Collage free
Shape Collage is a program that allows you to create collage of photos, which together can create fun shapes where you can group family albums or any set of images.

The procedure is simple; First you must select the photos that will be part of the final collage, then you can choose their format (among some predetermined templates), ranging from geometric shapes such as triangles or circles, to animal figures, letters, logos of well-known brands and many options plus.

It is also possible to give it a personal shape, using a drawing tool with which it is possible to draw a figure any freehand, giving the user the freedom to blow his imagination.

The application allows to configure several options, such as the size of the photos, which can be uniform in size or resized to suit the user; You can also select the background image, output format and some more parameters. Among the output formats available is PSD, which is used by Photoshop. It supports other formats like JPG that will allow to open the collage with any image viewer.

Shape Collage 3.1 is the new version 2014 of this multiplatform software (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X), which is free, but with some limitations, such as: add a watermark with the program logo, which can be noticed Despite being semi transaprente and small. There is an unrestricted Pro version that can be acquired from the application or in its official site, which, in addition to removing the watermark, allows to export the works to the PDS format used by Photoshop.

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