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Download SeniorFactu

Download SeniorFactu
SeniorFactu is a program management and billing for small businesses, easy to learn, which has the advantage of being free. It allows you to manage several companies, and define several user profiles with different privileges.

It allows to manage the commercial activity and the transactions with customers and suppliers, which are registered and structured in order to facilitate access to the data, obtain reports, etc.

It allows you to enter articles and add a description of them in several languages ​​(if necessary), and with an associated code of up to 13 characters. It supports different formats of bar codes (Code 39, UPC-A, EAN13 and EAN8, etc.).

SeniorFactu also allows the application of up to two groups of attributes associated with the different articles, thus being able to define multiple variations of the same product (for example different sizes of a garment), to improve stock control and to be able to assign different prices for said attributes. It allows to apply special conditions, for example to realize promotions or liquidations in which a 2 x 1 is made.

This manager allows to carry out a complete control of the stock by means of a history of movements, like sales, purchases, transfers, etc.

It also allows you to obtain graphical statistics; Generate and issue invoices; Printing receipts, checks and promissory notes; Export data to XLS and CALC formats, and many more functions that can be seen on the official page of SenioFactu.

It supports the tax model of Spain, with official printing and magnetic support for its corresponding presentation. It is updated to support the newly approved VAT regulations.

SeniorFactu 2013 is the latest version of this management software for PYMES that you can download free to use under Windows.

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