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Download Secunia PSI free

Download Secunia PSI free
Secunia Personal Software Inspector is a program that reviews and analyzes the software installed on the PC, and warns against possible versions with security flaws, suggesting that the new version is downloaded if there is one, or proceed to uninstall.

The application communicates with an up-to-date database, which contains information on vulnerability program versions. Running this program can avoid being attacked by hackers who take advantage of any security hole present in any of the installed software.

According to the creators of this application, about 98% of the PCs analyzed by it, presented some type of vulnerability in at least one of the installed software.

It may be advisable to update certain programs to their latest version, not only for security problems, but also to keep up with the new features offered by those products. This application helps to detect the presence of new versions.

Avast antivirus users will have noticed for some time the inclusion of a similar tool, called Software Updater, which warns from time to time showing a list of applications that are obsolete, along with a link to access their direct update or download The latest edition from the official website of each product. If you want to get more information about the risks you may be having you can complement Avast with Secunia PSI.

Secunia PSI 3.0 ( is the latest version, updated in December 2013, of this security program that you can download free to use in Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP.

File size: 3 MB.

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