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Download Second Life free

Download Second Life free
Second Life is a role-playing game that consists of entering a virtual world and becoming a fictional character, with new friends, with the possibility of doing business, traveling and much more. As the name of the game says, it is about making a" second life".

The new world gives infinite possibilities, without limits, the user having to be guided with imagination, playing and competing with other players online.

The game allows to move to real cities, or to diverse natural environments, using as means of transport: airplanes, cars or boats. It allows visiting museums, libraries, theaters and other interesting places. It allows to acquire the place to live or to build a new one by choosing the design.

It also has its share of action, eventually having to face ninjas, vampires, and other strange characters from various times and regions.

The goal of the game is to go beyond levels, and for that they will need weapons and all kinds of equipment suitable for each circumstance, which will have to be marketed through the virtual currency, called Linden.

To start you have to build a 3D avatar of the character to enter Second Life, and then start the fun.

Second Life 3.6.3 is the latest version (updated July 2013) of this RPG that can be downloaded and played for free in Windows.

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