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Download Rohos Mini Drive 2.0

Download Rohos Mini Drive 2.0
Rohos Mini Drive is a program that allows you to create partitions in USB flash drives or USB drives, to protect data and access only with password, but also encrypts data, giving even greater security and confidentiality.

It is easy to use, since once the pendrive is inserted the application detects it, and a wizard is executed. The first time you need to set the password or password. Then the partition is defined, which can have a maximum size of 2 GB. Afterwards, you will be ready to start copying documents, photos or personal files that you do not want to share, or that do not reach third parties in case of loss or theft of the device.

Mini Drive includes an additional tool, able to protect any folder of the PC, so that its access is restricted and must be entered by password. For example, you can protect the folder where Chrome is installed or any other browser, to protect data, cookies, history and other personal information.

An interesting novelty is that it has a virtual keyboard to enter the password, which prevents that, in case of having installed a keylogger (software that captures what is entered from the keyboard) we can detect the same.

Rohos Mini Drive 2.0 is the latest version (December 2012) of this software that is free in its edition for Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP. This new version has a new file explorer and has improved Unicode support for FAT and FAT32.

The application does not require installation, therefore it can be executed directly from the memory and not from the PC.

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