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Download RaidCall

Download RaidCall
Raidcall is a communication program, ideal for online team games, to stay in touch with other players. It allows voice chat and also videoconferencing.

This VoIP application allows to achieve good sound quality, with low latency, and low resource consumption (about 10 MB RAM and approx. 1% CPU).

Raidcall has the advantage that it is not necessary to pay for servers, as is the case with other similar programs. It can create up to 3 channels of communication different and free.

You can create channels and subchannels and be the administrator of the same, either to leave advertisements or to chat with the rest of the participants. It has support for emoticons and allows you to select themes that can be customized.

The application includes other functions, among which we highlight the following: recording of conversations, editing of voices, application of reverberation and other audio effects, transfer of files, and also allows to share videos with the other members of the group.

RaidCall 7.3.6 is the latest version available for Windows, updated July 2014. You can download free.

The Mac version has been discontinued, and the official link is no longer available for download.

After installing the application you must create an account (by clicking on "create a new account") or you can register previously in the official site.

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