Sunday, 14 May 2017

Download PuTTY

Download PuTTY
PuTTY is a program that allows you to connect to a remote server using the SSH protocol, as well as Telnet or Rlogin protocols; And emulate a terminal, with the ability to execute commands and manage the remote computer.

SSH is a secure protocol that uses encryption techniques to avoid some type of attack that puts the privacy of the data that is sent at risk; It is for this reason that it is the most recommended network protocol, as opposed to Telnet which is an unsafe protocol.

The program is simple and simply enter the host to which you want to connect, and the port , so that once logged in you enter the user you want to log in and then your password. Hosts can be saved so you do not have to enter them each time.

PuTTY does not require installation and it can be executed, so it can be carried in a portable memory and run from any PC.

PuTTY 0.63 is the latest version, updated in August 2013, of this SSH client available for Windows and for Linux, which can be downloaded free of charge.

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