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 Download PureSync
This version has a long list of corrections, changes, and new developments that significantly improve functioning. This version has a long list of corrections, changes, and new ... PureSync PureSync is a program that allows users to synchronize files, send them to a mobile device, and more.

It is possible to select from several criteria when defining the rules that must be followed for the synchronization. The most common use would be to copy only the new files or those that have been modified. Another possible criterion is to delete files that have been deleted in the source folder in the destination folder.

If a file has been renamed, if the binary comparison is used, the application detects it and renames the same file, avoiding deleting it and copying it again.

You can apply the process of synchronizing, copying or backing up data to a set of folders, including some subfolders and ignoring others. You can also apply filters to exclude files, for example: those larger than a certain amount of GB, or those with a certain extension.

The possibilities of PureSync, as seen are varied, being a fairly complete software but at the same time somewhat complex. A wizard is available when starting to define rules, which makes it easier to use the various functions.

To create a new task you have 4 options in the main menu: "Create a new synchronization", "Create a new backup", "New photos synchronization" (between a digital camera and PC), and "Transfer files".

PureSync 3.6.2 is the latest version, updated in August 2012, available for Windows (98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7) of 32 and 64 bits.

You can download and use it free for non-commercial use, and you must buy a license if it is for commercial use (with the advantage in addition to having more functions in the Pro version).

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