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Download Project64 game emulator

Download Project64 game emulator
Project64 is an excellent emulator of consoles for Windows, that allows to play in the PC the most popular games.

It allows the use of external programs to control important elements of games, such as graphics and sound. The quality is very good and the most popular games like Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Star Wars, Pokemon Stadium, Donkey Kong, among others, can be played without problems, so it is highly recommended this program. It is necessary to download the ROMS of the games, which are obtained for free.

The new version 2 features a renewed, more stable and better compatibility with games that previously could not open and is also compatible with Windows 7. It is still in beta but is significantly higher than version 1.6.

The latest version is Project64 2.1 for Windows. It supports multiple languages, including Spanish. For it to work it is necessary to have DirectX 7 or later installed.

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