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Download Process Hacker

Download Process Hacker
Process Hacker is a program that allows to manage the executed processes in the PC, to finish, to suspend or to restart some of them, allowing to establish priorities among the processes when it is looked for to optimize the system. It allows managing tasks, services, memory, network connections and several other aspects.

This application is similar to the Windows task manager that comes with the operating system, but adds more functionality, and is more reliable. It allows to terminate processes that with the tool of Windows it is not possible to do it, either because it does not allow the own system or it does not allow some antivirus to him.

Lists the processes and displays a variety of information about running programs, threads, stack, modules, virtual memory map, variable environment, execution time and other elements of interest, accompanied by statistics and graphs that can be very useful when Evaluating system performance.

Process Hacker 2.33 is the latest version (updated December 2013) of this software which you can download free to use in Windows (7, Vista, XP).

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