Download PRIMAVERA EXPRESS 7.60 for free | Pro Hardware with Driver Download

Download PRIMAVERA EXPRESS 7.60 for free

Download PRIMAVERA EXPRESS 7.60 for free
PRIMAVERA EXPRESS is a complete software management and administration aimed at small businesses and personal businesses, with the news that is completely free and does not require any license.

With this program you will be able to manage various aspects related to the commercial and financial activity of the company such as: Invoicing, Sales in Counter, Cash and Stock.

Enter the various functionalities with which this product has:
  • Issuance of documents: Invoices, sales with money, credit notes and debit notes, delivery notes.
  • Issuance of receipts and payment notes.
  • Configurable sales screen.
  • Access to customer and item statistics at the time of billing.
  • Return Processing.
  • Investment of the Liabilities.
  • Multiple modes of payment: cash, check, credit card, ATM, etc.
  • Possibility of partial settlements and extort settlements already made.
  • High, low and stock update.
  • Inventory Listings Stocks, etc.
  • Sales reports by Customers, Articles, Sellers, etc.
  • Daily sales reports or in a certain period, complemented with graphs and analysis of margins.
  • Notices of expiration.

You can register multiple users, who can be configured access permissions to restrict certain sections depending on the level and responsibility of the user.

PRIMAVERA Business Software Solutions, the company that developed this product, also offers support through a user guide, manual and FAQs that can be consulted on its website, but also an interactive knowledge platform (e-Learning), allowing a quick learning And easy, so that you can take full advantage of its various functionalities.

To access the download of Primavera Express 7.60, the latest version (2014), it is necessary to complete a form, but it is worth pointing out again that this product is completely free.

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