Thursday, 25 May 2017

Download Photo Pos Pro

Download Photo Pos Pro
Photo Pos Pro Photo Editor is the Pro version of the Pos Free Photo Editor program that we have already presented. This version of the graphic editor has more tools, and with the advantage that now it is also possible to download for free.

It allows you to edit photos, retouch them and improve their appearance with tools to change colors and textures, apply filters, apply special effects, resize, rotate and some more functions. Supports most popular image formats.

It has advanced tools to improve the photos, which remove unwanted details, without being noticed. Corrects various aspects and imperfections in faces.

Works with layers and objects just like Photoshop, and has drawing tools and brushes to create logos, banners, web projects and more. It supports transparencies, patterns, gradients and other typical elements of software of this type.

Like editors and professional design programs, it includes a selection tool for editing a particular area of ​​the image.

It serves as a converter of formats, since it allows to open a certain format and to save it in another one; And in turn is capable of performing multiple conversions, applicable to an entire folder or a set of images that is selected.

Photo Pos Pro 1.89 is the latest version, updated in November 2012, of this complete and powerful graphic editor for Windows, which has become free (although it includes advertising).

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