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Download Photo! Editor

Download Photo! Editor
Photo! Editor is an application that allows to make basic retouching to the photos, very useful when it is necessary to adjust the brightness, color and luminosity in an image with noise, fundamentally when it is very dark or when it is moved and not very clear; But also features slightly more advanced functions that can be applied when you want to eliminate imperfections and impurities on a person's face, either to erase marks and moles or to smooth the skin.

There are several photo editing tools, such as Photoscape, Paint.Net or PhotoFiltre, among others, with which you can also get very good results, but one feature that stands out in this editor is its integration with the Windows Photo Viewer. If you use that viewer (and not some other software that has been left as default), each time you open an image, Photo! Editor, making the access menus available to all its functions.

Users who are looking for a simple and easy-to-use editor can opt for this tool; With which they will be able to make adjustments, apply effects or cut a photo quickly and without any complication. With some other software, such as those mentioned above or even more professional and versatile, as in the case of Photoshop or the Gimp (your free alternative) will be able to obtain better results, but require greater knowledge, work with layers and Other functions that can be advanced for ordinary users who simply seek to retouch a photo with a couple of clicks.

The application includes special effects, highlighting what is called" Caricature", which makes transformations in the face of a person or animal, either to stretch the eyes, to enlarge the mouth or to accentuate and highlight some other particular feature of the Individual, resulting in a fun cartoon. To present even better the image you get, you can add frames and other decorative objects.

This editing program adds the possibility of touch-up and make-up of the images through an online tool called Make Up, which makes several adjustments: softens the skin, removes wrinkles, removes moles and freckles, whitens teeth, simulates a make-up to the eyes, Improves the color of the face, removes glitter and grease, etc.

This editor presents another bar with access to various drawing tools and filters that can be applied to a photograph, for example, to remove red eye effects, to give it a 3D relief appearance or to give it a retro or artistic touch ( Type oil).

The author no longer offers the installer for Windows but it is possible to access the online publisher or download the application for mobile phones (Android or iOS) from that same site.

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