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Download PC Wizard 2014 free

Download PC Wizard 2014 free
PC WIZARD 2013 is a program that allows to obtain a complete information of the system, about the installed hardware, and also analyzes and compares them (benchmarking).

The information covers most of the components such as CPU performance, RAM memory, hard drives, CD / DVD-ROM, video and other parts that make up your PC hardware.

The hardware information includes: motherboard and Bios, Chipset, memory, memory cache, processors, coprocessors, APM & ACPI, Buses, DMI / SMBIOS, Video, OpenGL & 3Dfx, DirectX, keyboard, mouse, joystick, drives, SCSI, IDE & SCSI devices, printers, modem, Bluetooth devices, ports, etc.

System information: MCI and ACM devices, SAPI, Passwords (Outlook, Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger), Windows and DOS memory, Boot time, Shutdown time, OLE, Applications, ODBC, CMOS / RTC, IRQ, DMA, Input / Output), and so on.

System Benchmarks includes: Processor, L1, L2, L3 Cache, RAM, hard drives, video, DirectX.

After running the analyzes you get reports and reports that can be exported to various formats (TXT, RTF, HTML, PDF or CSV), can be copied or sent by email. Graphics can be copied and saved as in BMP format.

PC Wizard 2014 2.13 is the latest version (updated in August 2014) of this useful tool that can be used for technicians, but also for anyone who requires information about any component of the system, or to know and compare performance. It can be downloaded and installed for free on all versions of Windows.

Support for new processors, new video cards and other components is added in this new version; And as for the system information adds support for Windows 8.1.

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