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Download Panopreter free

Download Panopreter free
Panopreter is a program that recognizes and interprets text that is capable of reading. Given a web page or any document, a speech synthesizer will begin with reading the text. It supports the Spanish language and also English, French, Italian, and Chinese, among others.

Panopreter supports text files in TXT, DOC (Microsoft Word), PDF, HTML (web pages), and so on; And convert them to audio files (in MP3 or WAV format), so the result can be saved to listen at another time using any audio player like Windows Media Player, AIMP and others.

This application can be used by people with visual problems who prefer to listen to a content instead of reading it; But also serves to learn languages, given that a text, article, manual or whatever, can be heard in order to learn the correct pronunciation.

The application has some additional functions, among which the possibility of adjusting the speed of the speech, and the possibility of playing music once the reading of the text is finished.

Panopreter is the latest version, updated in June 2013, of this software that can be downloaded free in its Basic version, while there is a non-free version with more features: Panopreter Plus 3.3.4 . They work with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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