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Download Opera Mobile 12 for mobile

Download Opera Mobile 12 for mobile

Opera has revolutionized the concept of browser for mobile phones (cell phones ) and since its launch has been installed on millions of devices.

Recently released its new version, Opera Mobile 11, which presents many improvements, being one of the best browsers for mobile. Opera also has a more agile version, called Opera Mini, but with fewer features.

Among the main advantages are:

More faster: speed testings conducted Opera confirmed that charges 2.5 times faster than Internet Explorer Mobile.

New interface: Opera has renewed its interface, now more intuitive, for the purpose of streamlining and facilitating navigation. Supports tabs.

Save contents: With just one click you can save the content (text and images) of any page in order to access it at any time. Also supports copy & paste (copied and pasted).

Greater compatability with most standards. It also supports Flash Lite 3, Adobe Flash (Android only) and now also supports HTML5.

It has integrated a search bar for Google.

Opera 12.1 is the new version for the Android operating system (1.6 or later) and for Symbian S60; While Android 4.x editions have launched Opera 21, applicable to the most modern phones. For Windows Mobile 5.x / 6.x was upgraded to version 10. It can be downloaded free for any of these platforms.

On the download page you must select the version according to the operating system of the phone, taking into account that downloads for Opera Mobile are listed below those corresponding to Opera Mini.

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