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Download OOo4Kids 1.3

Download OOo4Kids 1.3
OOo4Kids ( for Kids) is an openOffice based office program (similar to Microsoft Office but free), but with the peculiarity of being oriented to children (7 to 12 years old). With respect to the original edition it is streamlined and has a interface (buttons, toolbars, menus) suitable to make it easier to learn and to make it more attractive to children.

It is possible to configure the user level between beginner, average or expert, according to the age of the user and their experience with this type of applications. In case of use at school level, the teacher is the one who should advise what level to use for their students.

This project was made possible by EducOOo, who maintained the profits of the original package; It contains a word processor similar to Word ( OOo4Kids Writer ), a tool for working with spreadsheets like Excel ( OOo4Kids Calc ), a tool to make presentations Type Powerpoint ( OOo4Kids Impress ), another to draw and edit photos and images ( OOo4Kids Draw ), and finally one to apply in math, which includes a formula editor.

This package contains other useful tools, for example, to convert documents edited with the Writer to PDF format. It also has advanced drawing tools, ideal for creating all kinds of diagrams, with the possibility of inserting symbols, arrows, blocks, and so on. It offers students a tool to learn calligraphy and several other utilities that can be incorporated through extensions, such as dictionaries of other languages.

OOo4Kids 1.3 is the latest version, updated in December 2013, of this essential software to have in the computer or in the tablet, and specialized for children, that can be downloaded for free.

It is available for several platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X) and for several languages ​​(including Spanish). In the download page you must choose the row corresponding to the language ("is" for Spanish) and between the columns must choose the operating system, having an installable and portable version for Windows.

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