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Download NetBeans IDE 8

Download NetBeans IDE 8
NetBeans is an integrated, cross-platform development environment (Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris) that allows you to create web, business, desktop and mobile applications using the Java platform.

This programming tool includes an editor, compiler and debugger, just like any other IDE, to write programs, debug and execute them.

The editor marks syntax errors as you type code. It supports"refactoring"to update the code automatically when a package class is moved, or when an identifier is renamed. It also has autocomplete to facilitate and speed up writing. It facilitates navigation through a combination of keys to, for example, jump to the declaration of a certain function.

NetBeans allows you to easily integrate databases like MySQL and register any JDBC driver. It has autocompleted SQL code to facilitate the writing of queries to the database.

It allows to integrate a visual tool called JavaFX Composer , to build applications JavaFX, which supports drag and drop of components, and allows to perform binding.

In the download page of the official site you can download JavaFX, as well as JavaSE, and packages that integrate other programming languages ​​to this IDE, as is the case of PHP (with support for the latest version of PHP), JavaScript with Ajax, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Groovy and Grails, and C/ C++. It also supports HTML5 and CSS.

Comparing this IDE with another one we already presented, called Eclipse, NetBeans can be easier, especially to create graphical interfaces (GUI). It is possible to import projects from Eclipse and also from JBuilder.

NetBeans IDE 8 is the latest version (updated in August 2014), which is open source and you can download free. In this new version adds support for JDK 8 and includes the first edition of JDK for Mac OS X. In addition adds support for the development of HTML5 in PHP and in Java EE.

In the first link you can download the complete edition for Windows, while in the second link you can select a particular edition (Java SE, Java EE, C/C++, PHP) for both Windows and other operating systems.

Download for Windows (Full Edition - 204MB)

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