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Download Nero Kwik Burn free

Download Nero Kwik Burn free
Nero Kwik Burn is the free version of Nero from the most popular CD and DVD burners. In this new version, Nero offers the basic tools to burn data CDs and DVDs.

The difference with the Nero version of payment is that the free version does not include the additional tools that has the full version, besides it is not possible to rip music CDs (although it can be copied from a disc with MP3 songs to another disk).

Although the full version of Nero is the most complete for this type of software, there have been several free applications, which we have already presented, to burn CDs and DVDs like CDBurnerXP, which are good alternatives to Nero.

Nero 12.5 Kwik Burn is the latest version (updated in March 2013) of this software that can be downloaded for free. Works for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

This multimedia recorder integrates with the Nero Kwik Media package, which has other very useful tools, such as: Nero Kwik Faces, a facial recognition software that allows searching and labeling people within a collection of photos; Nero Kwik Move it, to transfer contests from the PC to phones and other mobile devices; Nero Kwik Blu-ray, to play Blu-ray movies; Another tool for creating custom calendars that can be printed, and some more functions.

This version is advertising, and we recommend that you do not install the search bar during the installation process.


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