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Download mp3DirectCut free

Download mp3DirectCut free
Mp3DirectCut is a program that lets you edit songs in MP3 format. Allows you to cut a song and generate a new MP3 file with that part; And also allows you to join several MP3s to generate a single file. It is possible to modify the total or a certain volume of part of the MP3 file, for example, to achieve fade-in and fade-out effects, or to normalize the volume when compiled songs (or parts of them).

Mp3DirectCut can be used to select part of a song as ringtone for mobile phone. It can also be useful to make a hooking of songs since it can soften the beginning and the end of the songs.

It has a tag editor that supports the ID3v1 format. Allows the import and export of labels. Supports Unicode.

The program is easy to use and presents a simple interface. You can open a file and start playback, and then determine the limits of the new MP3 by clicking the "Set Start" and "Set Final" buttons. Afterwards you must select the "Save" option and choose a name for the new file.

Mp3DirectCut 2.19 is the latest version, updated in April 2013, of this software that you can download free to use with any version of Windows. The file size is small (294 Kb) and the application consumes very few resources.

To switch to Spanish, select the following options from the menu: Configure -> Operation -> "Spanish".

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