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Download MhotSpot

Download MhotSpot
MhotSpot is a program that allows you to share WiFi from a notebook with other notebooks, phones, PDAs or any other devices that support WiFi.

MhotSpot has the advantage of being simple, easy to use and portable (no installation required), being a good option to create a virtual router or hotspot. As a disadvantage is that it works only for Windows 7 or Vista (for the computer that makes the router, not for the connected devices, which may have installed any other operating system, including Android).

From the Windows Network and Sharing Center, go to the "Status" option of the current connection, then go to "Properties" and in the "Sharing" tab select the option"Allow other users Networks to connect through the Internet connection of this equipment." You should then run this application as an administrator, and you must set a connection name and password to restrict access by other connected computers.

MhotSpot 6.5 is the latest version, updated in August 2013, which is available for free download. Works with Windows.

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