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Download Messenger Plus for Skype

Download Messenger Plus for Skype
Messenger Plus! For Skype is an add-on that adds features to the popular messaging and video conferencing client. Messenger Plus! Has for some time been an excellent complement to MSN (later for Windows Live Messenger), and now it is expected that this new edition for Skype is also very useful.

Among the improvements included in this program we highlight the following: Recording of the conversations during a call or a videoconference; Inclusion of winks (MSN-style animations), to send to the contacts during a chat session; And a log viewer for easy access to all conversations, which can be organized by dates, sessions, or contacts.

For the video recording of a videoconference session you can choose between 3 different quality levels, which differ in their resolution and the size of the file obtained. It is also possible to record only the audio of a conversation. In both cases you can access the history of recorded conversations from the same interface of the application and play them. It is also possible to use these files to incorporate as a podcast in a website. This tool can be useful for recording conferences, virtual classes, tutorials, etc., and then share with others.

The recorder can be configured to record all sessions, but the most convenient would be to disable that option and save only the sessions that you want to save. In this case you can click on the Rec button, but you can also activate an alert that asks the user, every time he detects a call, if he wants to record it.

During a conversation it is possible to add fun audio and video effects in real time, having several options to, among other effects, modify the voice of the speaker. Another option that can be applied during a video call is to superimpose images and objects so that they can be viewed by other people who share the session.

Another function not available in Skype is the one that allows to change the sound that is emitted when there is an incoming call, being able the user to add customized ringtones.

The extra tools provided by Messenger Plus are accessed from a toolbar that opens independently to Skype. In case you do not need these, you can disable the bar and use only Skype.

Messenger Plus! For Skype 1.8 is the latest version, updated in May 2013, which is available for free download.

The requirements are as follows:
  • Have installed Skype 5.0 (or higher).
  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32 or 64 bit).
  • Processor at 1.8 GHz with 512 MB of RAM (or higher).
  • DirectX 9.0 (or higher).
  • Adobe Flash Player 10 (or higher).

NOTE: It is recommended during the installation process to uncheck the option offered to install an advertising toolbar.

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