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Download Mendeley Desktop

Download Mendeley Desktop
Mendeley Desktop is a program that allows you to organize documents, papers, books (e-books) and magazines, to be able to access more easily and to gain time when searching on a certain subject of interest.

Mendeley is similar in operation and in its interface to iTunes, therefore, those who have used iTunes to organize their music collection, can have an idea of ​​how useful this application may be.

In addition to organizing local documents (PC, USB, etc.), Mendeley offers a collaboration service in which you can share documents and participate in a social network. There is a free space to store up to 500 MB in documents.

This service is for researchers, students, scientists, etc., to find documents of interest for their studies.

Although the application recognizes several formats of text files, the most used is PDF, which has metadata that serves to catalog and organize documents. It is also capable of importing from other softwares, among which we highlight the following: BibTeX, RIS and EndNote. The latest version is compatible with LibreOffice and with OpenOffice.

Mendeley Desktop includes an integrated PDF viewer, which supports tabs to open multiple documents at once. This editor allows you to add notes to documents, which can be useful when you are doing an investigation or when you want to summarize or highlight data of interest related to that document.

In the official site there is a series of videos tutorials that teach how to import documents, how to organize the personal library, how to look for documents, and so on.

Mendeley Desktop 1.7.1 is the latest version, updated in December 2012, this software version you can download for free, and available for Windows, Linux and Mac. You need to register during installation of the tool.

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