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Download McAfee Stinger

Download McAfee Stinger
McAfee Stinger is a program that detects and eliminates specific viruses and malware. This is not a conventional anti-virus permanent protection (such as Avast, AVG or Norton, among others), but is run to scan the system for viruses that were not detected at the time of the Including some types of malware that pretend to be anti-virus or antispyware (also known as fake alerts).

Stinger does not require installation; It is simply downloaded and can now be run. Click the "Scan Now" button to begin reviewing the system. It is possible to get a report only and then take the actions that are deemed convenient or select the Repair option to remove the malware found

The list of viruses, bots, exploits, Trojans and other types of malware or fakes is very extensive and constantly updated. For example, in this latest update are added: W64 /, FakeAlert-SecurityTool.gv, JS / Exploit-Blacole.jl, PWS-OnlineGames.lx and PWS-Zbot.gen.asw, among many others. Add to the extensive list of already detectable viruses, such as W32 / Sality or the FakeAlert-AZ trojan.

McAfee Stinger is the latest update available (published June 2014), and you can download free for all versions of Windows.

A brief manual is available on the official website to find out how this tool works.

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