Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Download LogMeIn Hamachi

Download LogMeIn Hamachi
LogMeIn Hamachi is a program that allows you to create a secure virtual private network ( VPN), without the need to be connected by a physical cable, without any additional hardware, and without the need to configure a firewall or router.

With two or more PCs that have an Internet connection can create a virtual network with a secure communication between them, ensuring that the data can not be seen by other users, because they travel encrypted. A 256-bit encryption is used that is extremely secure.

With this application you can create a network to play online, to share files, or for any other purpose; In an easy way, without having to have knowledge in networks nor to have to make complicated configurations on the part of beginners.

The application allows to assign remote accesses to certain equipment and resources of the network, but with the advantage that it does not require changes in the configuration of the firewall.

A Hamachi manual in Spanish is available that explains how to configure the application, how to install the client, possible types of networks that can be created, system requirements, and other information of interest to new users.

Hamachi 2.2 ( is the latest, updated in April 2014, this version of VPN software that you can download for free (for noncommercial use, and up to 16 computers connected by network).

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