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Download LMMS to create music

Download LMMS to create music
LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) is a program that allows you to create music, being a free alternative to other commercial programs such as FL Studio, Cubase or Logic Pro. It is also multiplatform.

LMMS allows you to compose melodies using samples (included in the program) and also by mixing sounds and editing the different instruments that you want to add.

The application has a song editor with controls to select rhythms and special effects, counting with several synthesizers, SoundFont2 and LADSPA sound sources among others, MIDI keyboard, 64 channel mixer and much more. It includes an editor called Piano Roll Editor that allows you to compose and create melodies in MIDI format. LMMS projects can be exported to MP3 or WAV.

It allows to import files of type MIDI or FLP, to edit them and to convert them to project of LMMS (extension .mmpz). In the creator's website there are several projects made by others to download and you can share your own projects.

LMMS 0.4.15 is the latest version (updated in June 2013) of this software that, despite its name, is also available for Windows, version that we offer to download for free .

A complete LMMS manual is available with all the details related to the different functions of this complete and sophisticated program.

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