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Download LibreCAD CAD program free

Download LibreCAD CAD program free
LibreCAD is a CAD (computer aided design) program for design and drawing in two dimensions (2D), which comes as an alternative to AutoCAD, but free and multiplatform, although it does not yet include many of the tools of that software Nor supports projects in 3D (although it allows drawing in isometric perspective by using polar coordinates).

This type of tool is generally used by architects, engineers and designers to create drawings, industrial parts designs, interior designs and all kinds of diagrams and diagrams. The idea of ​​LibreCAD is to continue developing and improving a free CAD code tool that can be used to start in the world of design, that is useful to learn but in turn that allows to be used professionally efficiently.

LibreCAD includes a toolbar similar to AutoCAD that has options to draw (draw lines, curves, arcs, polygons, circles, etc.), to dimension (horizontal, linear, radial, angular, etc.), insert text, Insert images, create blocks, and so on; And is also based on the concept of entities and the connection between them, with support for layers.

The interface in general is also very similar to that of AutoCad, as it includes, in addition to the toolbar, a table with the list of layers, another box with the list of blocks, the horizontal main menu, the work area in Where the models are viewed, and finally, a lower space corresponding to the command line.

This CAD program has several options for visualization of projects and also export. It opens and saves projects in DXF format, and allows you to export to image formats such as JPG or PNG, so that they can be opened by any publisher and can be printed. Autocad works with DWG files that at the moment can not be opened with LibreCAD, but there are some applications capable of doing the conversion. Autodesk offers a free viewer called DWG Trueview that allows to open these files and allows the conversion between DWG files (in different versions), but does not allow the conversion from DWG to DXF.

In the official site you can consult the help and the available tutorials to know more about this software; You can also consult tutorial videos in Spanish.

LibreCAD 2.0.5, the latest version, is already a stable edition, after several release beta editions. It has support for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

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