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Download LG PC Suite

Download LG PC Suite
LG PC Suite is a program that allows you to synchronize data and content between LG branded phones and a PC, either using a USB cable, BlueTooth, or IrDA (Infrared).

In addition to synchronizing data, songs, videos and other multimedia content, this application allows backing up, which will serve as backup to any inconvenience that may arise, thus avoiding the loss of contacts in the calendar, calendar, SMS messages, and other information stored on the mobile device.

Another important function that covers LG PC Suite is the possibility to update the software of the phone, in order to be up to date with the latest versions, which usually add new functions and improve or correct the functions already present. To do this, the side menu has the option "Verify the update of the phone", and in case of verifying the existence of a version after the current firmware, you can proceed to download and install (after performing a backup ).

Version 4 of this software includes the possibility of accessing a service called " LG Air Sync ", which offers the user a storage space on their website, to upload contents and synchronize data with the phone or PC. The advantage of this service is that you can back up data in a safe place, and that the synchronization between the phone and the LG Air Sync can be done via WiFi.

LG PC Suite 5 (5.3.18) is the latest version, which is available in Spanish for download and free use on most LG phone models with Android 4.0 or later, while for devices with a previous system You can still use version 4 (4.3.80). Works with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

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