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Download LenMus Phonascus

Download LenMus Phonascus
LenMus is a program to learn music, consisting of a set of interactive exercises that help to understand musical theory, with the aim of starting to read sheet music and also to compose.

Lenmus includes exercises to recognize chords, scales, intervals, cadences; Exercises to assimilate and practice rhythmic elements; And exercises to practice singing and learning keys.

It includes a score editor that has some features, but is not finished and will be completed in future versions of Lenmus. Anyway it achieves to create simple scores with one voice per instrument.

The application has an intuitive interface, and is easy to use, ideal for beginners in music who want to learn music without going to class, or for those who want to train and improve their musical ear. It is also entertaining and bearable since the exercises range from a basic initial level and then grow in difficulty moderately.

In the official site there is a set of tutorials and manuals to learn how to use this tool.

LenMus Phonascus 5.3.1 is the last version, updated in May of 2013, available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, being totally free.

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