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Download Lego Digital Designer

Download Lego Digital Designer
LEGO Digital Designer is a simulator of the classic LEGO children's game, which allows to create objects using pieces similar to bricks.

With this application you can create virtually houses, cars, planes, robots, and all the objects that can be created by the real game. It has several pieces of different colors and shapes; And tools that facilitate the assembly and assembly of objects. The result can be visualized with a real 3D appearance.

This game can be entertaining for children, and for nostalgic not so children who have ever experienced with this incredible game belonging to the era when there were no computers.

LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.8 is the latest version, updated in December 2013, of this software to create and have fun, which can be downloaded for free. It is available for Windows and Mac OSX.

A complete LDD manual is available, which explains the steps you need to take to build objects.

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