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Download Lansweeper

Download Lansweeper
Lansweeper is a program that allows an inventory of a network of PCs. It offers varied information of the equipment that compose the network, and also alerts to the existence of unknown processes in execution that may be dangerous, such as spyware or other malicious elements Which compromise the security and integrity of the system.

The application generates a complete report on the various hardware components of each PC on the network, installed software, memory processes, information users connected to the network that is the PC, settings, inputs registo and lots more information.

It allows to configure different methods of scanning, choice that will depend on the characteristics of the network and the needs of the administrator; And you can determine the frequency with which you want to scan and analyze the status of the network. Reports can be generated in various formats, and be exported to others, for example, to be viewed in Excel.

Lansweeper is the latest version, updated in September 2012, of this software, which we offer to download for free and install on Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP. There are other versions without limitations and with greater number of functionalities, which can be acquired from the author 's website.

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