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Download LangOver to change the keyboard to Spanish

Download LangOver to change the keyboard to Spanish
LangOver is a program that allows you to change the keyboard language, adapting it to your own language, with just one click. It works for Spanish and also for any other language.

If for example a Spanish keyboard is available, but its configuration is defined for another language, we will find that we pressed a key and did not write the corresponding symbol. The most common is to press the key corresponding to the eñe, and instead a "semicolon" comes out, or to press a comma or question mark and another key appears.

In cases such as those described, you can change the keyboard to Spanish or the desired language; But it is also possible to apply the changes to an already written text. The text is selected and the change is applied to make it appear as if it were written with the keyboard in the language you want.

To change the language into Spanish without using this application you can try the ALT + SHIFT keys at the same time, but with this application you can get more functionality than with that key combination.

The application has other tools, such as an online text translator that accesses the Google translation service. It also has a Google search shortcut.

LangOver 5.0 (5.0.38) is the latest version of this software, updated in September 2012. It works for Windows and can be downloaded for free .

File size: 395 kb.

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