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Download Jajuk 1.10.7

Download Jajuk 1.10.7
Jajuk is a program that allows you to organize music files scattered over several folders on the PC's hard disk.

This application sorts the audio files, groups them by artist, adds the album art to each album, edits the information, detects duplicates, and has several more functions.

It supports the audio formats MP3, AU, WAV, Vorbis, OGG, SPEEX, FLAC and several others; Supports the most used video formats (AVI, MKV, FLV and others) to play movies; Uses the M3U format for your playlists; And is able to edit the information contained in the tags, supporting the following formats: Ogg, ID3 V1 / V2, WMA and Flac.

Some characteristics of Jajuk are as follows:
  • Create playlists, for example, to group a collection with slow themes, or a particular artist.
  • It includes a built- in music player on the interface, or you can use your favorite external player.
  • It detects duplicate files and does not take them into account.
  • It has a ranking system to assign a score to albums and songs. It can then be used for various purposes, for example: to play favorite songs.
  • You can generate reports with information from the collection, and save them as HTML or XML.
  • Allows searches .
  • In addition to searching for covers on the Internet to integrate the application, it allows automatic access to Wikipedia information about artists, albums, and so on.

Jajuk 1.10.7 is the latest version, updated in August 2014, of this software to organize the music collection, which is multiplatform (Windows, Linux, MAC OS), is in several languages ( including Spanish ) and is free.

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